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If Heaven Was A Mile Away, Would I Pack Up My Bags & Leave This World Behind? [entries|friends|calendar]

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[25 Aug 2006|10:26am]
[ mood | anxious ]

me && sarah and these two trolls got pulled over the other night. the officer let us go with a warning, but asked us a bunch of gay questions. me && sarah pretended to be lesbian lovers ... because of a blunt. its a long story, but a weak one.
i robbed someone. i feel really bad. i only took 40 dollars, but still....
sarah stayed the night with me two nights ago. we hung w/ the guilfoyles and i dont really remember all of it. but it was fun.
so last night was chill. me, sarah, ashleah, robert, david, and joe all went to see 311 && the WaiLers! that was mass sweet. me, sarah, ash and joe smoked a blunt before we left. we got there and gave away one of our extra tickets to some guy in a green shirt from... somewhere. we called sarah's mom dukes && got her to bring us some PIZZAAS & then we found a spot on the lawn. we grubbed, and grubbed some more, and then i rolled a fatty. haha. a really big fatty. we jammed out to some reggae && chillllled. 311 came on, and they kinda suck, so i just layed back && enjoyed my high. it was chill. we left like 10 minutes before the show ended, then me, sarah, and ashleah went to greg && steve's and smoked a blunt with them. now im waiting on steve's punk ass to wake up so we can fuckin wake n bake! :o)

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[16 Aug 2006|03:03pm]
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[15 Aug 2006|01:36pm]
[ mood | chillen ]

so dad's show was pretty sweet. first, my whole freakin family came to my house. then they all dipped out and went to the show. i waited for robert, greg, and steve. we smoked a blunt and drank a few beers so we could be feeling good for the show and everything, then we left. i saw everybody i think ive ever met at the show, and it was awesome. everyone was pretty wasted with the exception of me & my group & leah & her friend. but everyone was onstage dancing and everything, having a good time. it was a pretty chill experience. then my boys helped load up the vans and everything so the band could go back to my house. after that, me, robert, greg, and steve went to pick up a L and then we all went back to our respective cribs. i chilled with dads band; there's this dude that plays the organ and sings from conneticutt, and hes pretty damn sexy for a 32 year old. but no, thats like... dating your dad. HA. but either way, he was chill. he gave me a really chill piece and i named it pumpkin. so thats that. recently nothing much has been going on, i chill with greg and steve almost everyday, and sometimes jordan. OH YEAH i got my little sister blitzed for the first time. HAHAHA. that was hilarious. i feel bad though. but its never my idea.

jarrods getting pretty crazy these days. hes hittin the slopes too fucking hard if you know what i mean. i dont even know what to do.


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[06 Aug 2006|12:59pm]
[ mood | cheerful ]

So wow, i havent updated this journal in almost a year. thats pretty damn insane. but its chill. life is chillen right now.

im single! its beautiful.

these 2 really hot boys live down my street && we smoke together all the time.

im almost done with summerschool!

my dad has a show @ steppin out tonight!

im just way more carefree these days.

my weekend was good.

friday, greg && steve went to go pick up graham from northern virginia. jordan came to my house. we smoked a blunt and then i drove this guy thats in my dad's band to wendy's so he could get some grubbbage. but as we were leaving, my crazy african nigga anthony walked up. i was like "um, where the fuck did you come from?" and so he rode with us. then we all went with anthony's band over to some chick's house. jordan got fucking wasted, haha. anthony's band is chill. its ellion, clint, and tony. theyre all weak in theyre own ways. like tony wears massively tight pants, i kind of want to die. but hes funny as a bitch. clint just makes me giggle. ellion is fuckin' crazy and i love it. and he speaks fluent spanish. hm. anthony is just goofy. but hes got really good dick. because i found out. in some chick's mom's bed. on friday! :o) haha, but then we went and watched them jam out in a storage unit. didn't sound too bad. at around 6 in the morning, we went back to my house and me and jordan passed the fuck out. then we woke up saturday, and me, her, and clint went to anthony's again. chilled for a while. the band came over, and so did cheech, their old drummer, and also mikey d, whom i owe 20 dollars... oops. :oP but we all just hung out or whatever. blazed. i came home at like 11. greg and steve came over and we smoked a cig together, then they dipped out. i went to sleep, and woke up this morning. today, ive already gotten dressed (and i look cute as shit, btw.. lol) and taken bong hits. fabUlous! im going to my dad's show tonight @ steppin out on nevan road (by the kmart on first colonial) in va beach. its 25 dollars and it starts at six, yall should ALL deff hit that up. its gonna be the shiznittlebamsnipsnapsap. whutchuknoboutthat?


later guys.

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[30 Aug 2005|05:23pm]
[ mood | content ]

damn. summer's almost over. we go back in a week... uggh.

so nothing's really been going on. i went camping for the first time the other day; me, Tony, Sarah, & Jessie went. it rained, but it was still fun. we made s'mores and toked on the beach. :o)

TWIZTID'S TOMORROW. hope to see everyone i <3 there.

rachael & matt are divorcing. she's living in n.c. now, & that blows. my older sister's gone, my brother's gone, & so is she. so now there's no one around. pooooo.

but i don't know, i hate updating this stupid thing anymore.



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[03 Aug 2005|09:43pm]
[ mood | high ]

so 2 days before the last day of summer school was fuckin' INSANE. oh my god.

my bus driver had to rat us out for smoking because this girl was like "i'm allergic to cigarette smoke" & her mom called & threatened to report him, so he had to. Whatever. 5 of us got searched, one girl got arrested for a quart & a jar full of chronic & a bowl, & no one else got caught. All our shit was in the garbage can in the office. (haha) And it was nuts. Cops were involved. Ugh. So fuck that. Me & Jordan just chilled for the day together in this girl Annelise's car. Yeah, that was cool. Came home, smoked a blunt. Good day. :o)

Then I went to Jessie's house for Friday night & Saturday night. <3. Yay. We had fun, and chilled alone. It was fabulous. Rachael & Raven came over though, & we chilled for a minute. Then Sunday me, Jessie & Rob just chilled.

Yesterday was my last day of school, Mom & Dad picked me up. I went to Jessie's again. Me, Jessie, Rob & Clayton had a slumber party. Hahaha. But it was cold. Like... 60 degrees cold. Brr. But then we woke up & like a million people came over. Leigh came for a visit. That was groovy. She's pregnant. I don't know if I wrote that in here. Hmm.

So then I came home & rolled a blunt. Put it out halfway. Jarrod called. (he got kicked out on Sunday) it was good to talk to him. things are so dull now, i like, never hang out with Rachael no more, Jarrod's gone.... blah. at least Jessie's still around. I love him a whole bunch. He's always there for me. :o)<3. I wanna marry that guy. .he`s perfect.

but other than that i'm just sittin' here with a buzz & on myspace like a loser.

so i'm gonna go.

bye now.

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[27 Jul 2005|04:15pm]
[ mood | happy ]

So summer school really isn't that bad... hm, much better than regular school anyway. Shiiiit.

I smoked pot on my bus! Hahahahaha, it was weak. Mad people on my bus fuckin' blazes their asses off every morning before school. So. Yeah, it's pretty grooovy.

Only 4 days left. This shit's so easy.

Jessie's back from the Gathering. :o) I'm happy. He came to see me the other night at Rachael's. That was cool. I was all tripped out though, like "oh my gourd, thank you for being back because i missed you a whole bunch." He's a pocket full of awesome. ;o)


I'm not afraid of standing still
I'm just afraid of being bored
I'm not afraid of speaking my mind
I'm just afraid of being ignored
I'm not afraid of feeling & I'm not afraid of trying
I'm just afraid of losing & I am afraid of dying
I'm not afraid of being sick
I'm more afraid of being well
I'm not afraid, put the gun in my hand
I'm just afraid it'll hurt like hell
I'm not afraid of screaming & I'm not afraid of crying
I'm just afraid of forgetting & I am afraid of dying
I'm not afraid of looking ugly
I couldn't care what they say
I'm not afraid of happy endings
I'm just afraid my life won't work that way
I'm not afraid of lying
But I am afraid of dying


but nothing much is going on. I'm hoping Jessie's comin' out here today, but who knows. I watched a cool thing on circus/carnival freak shows & whatnot, that was interesting. A&E rocks.

[ [ [ & that's that ] ] ]

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[20 Jul 2005|11:13pm]
[ mood | peaceful ]

So wow. A LOT has happened since I last wrote. I'm sorry. I'm a slacker.

Jessie & most of my Juggalo homies have left for the Gathering. Hrmph, I wish I was there. Twiztid's coming at the end of August, though, so that'll be cool. Not as cool, but still cool. I miss my baby already.

Rachael & me have been having some adventures. We're not allowed to hang out anymore, because she's a 'bad influence'. Eh, whatever.

Jackie & Leah are trying to convince Jessie & I that we're cheating on each other. Bitches. That's so fucked up.

I don't know.

Today, I went to the beach. It was hot as hell.

Um. I have to go to summer school soon. That's gonna blow. Big time. At least it's only 6 days.

I guess when cool stuff happens, I'll let you know. I don't remember my life. This is sad.

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[29 May 2005|09:34am]
[ mood | good ]

So it's definitely been insane.

Friday, I went over to Jessie's. He wasn't there, so I talked to his mom for like, 2 hours. It was cool. I love his mom. :o) But anyway, then Jess came back, and Ivy came over for a little bit & smoked a bowl with us. Then I bought a dime & me & Jess smoked an L. For like, the first time, we got alone time. That rocked. We just goofed off & he watched me act retarded for a little while. Ha. Then we decided to go over to 2o's house. Madd people were there. Jamie, Methotical, Sarah, Tony, CT, Danielle, Rob, me, Jessie, Catie, 2o, Mike, Shannon, Angie, and probably lots more people. I always ended up wherever there was a blunt bein' lit, so I got straight fucked up. I kept feeling lightheaded & I couldn't really walk, and the last thing I remember is Jessie holding me up against the porch, then I passed out. I woke up, & they told me I was out for like, 1o seconds or so, & I got really cold. Ugh, so CT & Danielle gave me, Jess, & Rob a ride home, and I threw up on the way, but after that, I felt much better. So we went home, and I passed the fuck out.

I woke up to lots of kisses from Jessie, & that made me really happy. Then me & him got our thing on. [ sorry kids, no details.;o) ] Jamie came in & told us she was going over to 2o's again, & asked if we wanted to go. So we went. This time, just Mike was over there. We smoked a couple of bowls, and I was just as high as I was the night before. Josh, Catie, and Shannon came over. Sarah and Tony came over, and about 1o minutes later, I passed out again. It fucking sucked. I took a chunk out one of my left knuckles, & scratched another. It still hurts. I stayed ghost white for a while, but Jamie took me home. Rachael & Raven came & picked up about 3o minutes later, & we went over to Jessie's and chilled with Rob & Travis. They smoked a bowl, I just watched. I decided I'm not gonna smoke for a little while, cause that's obviously why I passed out... twice. So yeah.

That's my Memorial Day weekend so far. Hope yours is going good, cause mine's been fun. [ no sarcasm. i'm serious ]

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[20 May 2005|12:29pm]
[ mood | thirsty ]

I feel like I never write in here anymore. :) Sorry.

Yesterday was ... pretty good. Me & Jarrod went out with Leah & just kinda bullshitted. Went to the pawn shop, I smoked a blunt with them & we rode around. That's really all we did. But it was fun.

I stayed home from school today. So I'm probably not gonna do anything fun today, but it's okay. Me & Jarrod are gonna smoke a L & be cool - brother & sister cool. Haha, I like that I'm close with most of my family. It just makes me feel good.

Rachael will be home tomorrow!!! Holy fuck. ..excitement.

"but god forbid you ever have to walk a mile in her shoes; 'cause then you really might know what it's like to have to choose."

that's all for now.


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[11 May 2005|05:02pm]
[ mood | okay ]

Hm. It's been a decent few days, I guess.

Last Thursday, I got caught skipping again, by the same cop. Me, Marah, & Lisa were walking to the store & she picked us up. Ugh, that sucked, because I was fuckin' trippin' BALLS on Coricidin. They took us back to school, and it was scary. The floor was squishy. But oh well, they gave me ISS. I survived.

Friday, I got in a fight with Jessie. Meh. So me, Leah, & Erin went & chilled at Mike's house & got straight FUCKED UP. Haha, it was fucking fabulous. There were LOTS of people there. One girl had cool tattoos. One guy was really hairy. Another guy that was in the military was smoking pot (that was the funniest). There was a bubbler that looked like a penis. All in all, it was just fucking hilarious & lots of fun. But anyway, then Erin & Leah dropped me off at Jessie's around like, 4:oo am in the morning. He was sleeping, but me & Rob smoked a bowl & talked and what not. Then I went to sleep.

Saturday, Jessie was sick. :o( I was stranded for a ride, so I begged John, & he took me home. :o) He smoked a blunt with me. I was happy. SAM came to visit me from Chesapeake, & brought me some of my CLOTHES! Omg, I was so happy. We went with Leah over to Jessie's for a little while, & then we bought some trees & smoked a blunt on the way home. We did lots of girly stuff, & then went to sleep.

Sunday, me & Sam went down to the beach & met up with her boyfriend, Josh. He got his tongue pierced. Then Josh gave us a ride home, and we chilled for a little bit. They left a little while after that. Omg, then Danny came to visit me!! I was so happy to see him. Dude, that's my buddy right there. He came with Ryan (Crocker) in this pimp-ass ride. They smoked a blunt with me, & then they had to dip. I was kinda sad, but it's okay.

Monday, I skipped fourth block & went to chill at Mark's house. We took hits from the grav, & then Christian gave me a ride home. Me & John got together & smoked a blunt. Ha, it was pretty cool. We drove down to the beach & what not. Nothing exciting, just a good time.

Yesterday, I fell down a flight of stairs, so I stayed home from school. Leah picked me up around 2:3o pm, since I was supposed to get put on birth control. We took this guy named Patrick to detox for heroin, since he decided he wanted to quit. (I give him so many props for that.) Turns out, he knows Harley & all them. That was pretty cool. Then me & Leah went to the health clinic, but it was too late, so I got no b.c. Oh well. We drove over to Jessie's, he was passed out, so I kissed him, said "I love you." and we dipped out. Leah took me home. John called up & asked me if me & Jarrod wanted to chill, & I said yes. John bought Jarrod 3 pints of Olde English, since he wanted to get crunked. So we went to his crib & took bong hits! Then he took us home. And that's that.

Now, I'm talking to Harley.


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[04 May 2005|05:42pm]
[ mood | crappy ]

So it's been interesting, to say the least. I don't remember the last thing I wrote about in here. But that's okay.

So Rachael's in North Carolina right now, at her mom's. She's leaving for Arkansas tomorrow. She won't be back until like, the 18th. :o( I miss her bunches already, and it's only the 4th!! Ugh.

I'm mad at Jessie; like usual. I'm just sick of all the bullshit. What the fuck. I'm sorry, but you don't just go hang out with your ex-girlfriend for mad long periods of time & not answer your phone. Okay, that's FUCKED up. I'm sorry, but you don't call your girlfriend and only talk for 51 seconds if she's had one of the worst days ever. I'm sorry, but you don't not call your girlfriend all day, and then when she calls, ask "Why haven't you called me all day?". Ahem, ex-fucking-cuse me, but why the fuck haven't YOU called ME all day? I was just seeing how long it'd take YOU. But whatever. I still haven't really said anything to him about it, because I don't wanna start any fights. We'll have been together six months on Friday, and I don't wanna ruin that. But all at the same time, I don't know. Maybe. Nah. But, I haven't seen him in a mad long time. Like, two weeks. But whatever. What the fuck ever.

Mom & I have been fighting hardcore lately. That kinda blows. But once again, whatever.

I got caught skipping school last week by a COP. Oh my God, it was so scary. She searched me. Thankfully, she didn't find my weed. But she did take my cigarettes. Ugh, bitch.

I've fallen in love with Petey Pablo. He rocks my socks.

I skipped today & met these three girls named Rachel, Lacy (L), and Samantha (Starr). They were nice. They smoked weed with me. I was happy.

Mark likes me, apparantly. I feel bad. :o\ I can't do nothin' `bout it though.

There ain't really much GOOD going on, but you know what? I don't care.

I tripped on corries yesterday. That was fun as a bitch. Jordan came over. Jarrod smoked a blunt with me. Eh, yesterday was pretty groovy.

But, I guess I'll get off here. I've got nothing more to talk about.

Hope YOU guys are having a good time.

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[25 Apr 2005|08:16pm]
[ mood | high ]

Birthdate:December 21, 1989
Birthplace:Virginia Beach
Current Location:Virginia Beach
Eye Color:chocolate brown
Hair Color:reddish-brown (unnatural)
Weight:fat kid
Overused Phraze:"what the fuck"
Food:yogurt. ...and noodles
Candy:Baby Ruth
Number:21 & 3
Animal:I don't really like animals a whole lot...
Alcohol Drink:anything fruity, I don't like the taste of alcohol. but moonshine strawberries are good.
Bagel:cinnamon raisin with mixed berry cream cheese on top
Body Part on Opposite sex:head?
This or That
Pepsi or Coke:Pepsi. it's cleaner.
McDonalds or BurgerKing:BurgerKing. it's an easy choice
Strawberry or Watermelon:watermelon
Hot tea or Ice tea:hot
Chocolate or Vanillachocolate
Hot Chocolate or Coffee:hot chocolate
Kiss or Hug:hug ... well ... a hug and a kiss
Dog or Cat:cat
Rap or Punk:rap
Summer or Winter:winter
Scary Movies or Funny Movies:both please.
Love or Money:love. forever
Bedtime:whenever I fall asleep. but usually around midnight
Most Missed Memory:Johnstown
Best phyiscal feature:lips or eyes. I've been told both
First Thought Waking Up:"I don't wanna go to school" & "I wanna see Jessie today."
Goal for this year:go to the GOTJ2K5
Best Friends:Rachael, Jessie, Krista, Mark, Danny ...maybe more. I'm high
Weakness:kisses, whining, & crying
Fears:snakes, spiders, emo kids, dying [everyone's guilty]
Heritage:Italian, Irish, English, German, Dutch, Spanish, maybe more. I don't really know all of them
Ever Drank:yes
Ever Smoked:daily
Ever been Drunk:yes
Ever been beaten up:no
Ever beaten someone up:no
Ever Skinny Dipped:no
Favorite Eye Color:brown or green, but those ice blue eyes are beautiful too
Favorite Hair Color:brown
Short or Long:short, unless it's dReaDLoCkS
Height:taller than me.
Style:fuckin' Juggalo.
Looks or Personality:personality
Hot or CuteI always liked the cute cuDdLy kIdsS
Drugs and Alcohol:that 'and' made me smile. let's do it
Muscular or Really Skinny:ew.
Number of Regrets in the Past:not many
What country do you want to Visit:Italy
How do you want to Die:high & passed the fuck out ... peacefully, if you will
Been to the Mall Lately:nope
Do you like Thunderstorms:ohh yes. with hot chocolate and big blankets
Get along with your Parents:not usually. we fought today. they made me cry
Health Freak:no.
Do you think your Attractive:not particularly, but I think I'm half decent
Believe in Yourself:unfortunately, no
Want to go to College:no
Do you Smoke:yes. Newports
Do you Drink:occasionally.
Shower Daily:yes, most of the time. sometimes I'm lazy
Been in Love:I am in love
Do you Sing:yes, some people tell me I'm good
Want to get Married:yup, with purple & yellow flowers
Do you want Children:lots
Have your future kids names planned out:some. yeah, I'm corny, but you probably do too & just won't admit it
Age you wanna lose your Virginity:I already lost it. I was fourteen.
Hate anyone:yes. but I'm not saying who

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it's good. [21 Apr 2005|09:23pm]
[ mood | good ]

Rainbow of Icons by FreezingInTheSno
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[11 Apr 2005|10:44pm]
[ mood | pessimistic ]

I miss the way life used to be.

Back when nothing mattered.

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